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Stamford High School Hosts Google Summit

Oct 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

The Stamford Advocate

Over the weekend of Sept. 16 and 17, Stamford High hosted its first “Google Summit” event. The Google summit was a technology-oriented event organized by SHS Head of Media Mary George.
The Google Summit was an opportunity to gather and learn something new, whether it be about Google or technology in general.
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The event included a mix of teachers from many schools, tech geeks and others. Peter Logli, program manager of Google, gave a presentation with several other speakers. George said she attended a summit last year in New Hampshire, where she was connected with Logli.
The summit at SHS consisted of panels rotating every hour, giving everyone opportunities to experience the different presentations. Attendees widened their understanding of tools such as Google Classroom and Google Drive. There were several panels, including virtual reality designs and new education software that could be used for future students.

Overall, the event was an apparent success, despite not reaching the expected turnout.
Sponsors of the event included Intel, Acer, GoGuardian and other high-profile companies. Student volunteers comprised the majority of the staff. However, according to George, “support for the event would need to increase drastically for another event to be possible.”


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